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Title: See You Again
Artist: Miley Cyrus
Album: Hannah Montana 2/ Meet Miley Cyrus
Plays: 1227

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nat asked - ‘i wnt a ziall shotgunning manip like the sterek one, make me it’

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Niall’s reaction during his solo in Little Things while the whole arena was singing along.

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Who has the most annoying habit?


Little Things - One Direction (Ed Sheeran)

And maybe that’s the reason

That you talk in your sleep”

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AU: Louis is a famous football player. Harry is his popstar boyfriend. Long distance relationships are never easy.

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“do you all want to be married and have children?”
“yeah” “100%”
“even as young as you are?” [x]

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i will not be defined by your psychologial constructs i am an entity free of societal definitions you fuckwit