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rebekahs said: it’s someone from the glee club. he called her during the episode and the phone went off in the choir room. BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS NECKBRACE GIRL THE WHOLE TIME.

i forgot about that haha, idk who it could be…unique? i want to say kitty too but i think they’re going to start an artie/kitty romance soon so that would rule her out…?

maybe its sam…maybe sam is going to date sam 2.0, it’ll be a convoluted form of narcissism

or better yet somehow kurt’s phone was in the room and it’s kurt who’s in love with ryder who’s the next best thing after sam but sam has a sudden epiphany and realizes he’s been in love with kurt and always has been since he first met him at his locker two years ago so he catches the next flight to new york and surprises him at his door and everything he’s ever wanted to say to kurt but never could comes tumbling out and it took him two years TWO YEARS to realize it but at least now he’s finally saying it except kurt isn’t saying anything, he’s just standing there and his hand is gripping the door frame really tightly and sam doesn’t know what to do, thinks he’s probably screwed everything up, so he turns to leave but before he can kurt catches his arm and suddenly they’re kissing

then the series ends

  1. luciferlinson said: i think it’s unique…or what if we get a huge plot twist and it’s like finn
  2. icoulddance said: Kitty swore up and down that she “didn’t catfish him,” but I think it’s Unique. especially since when the episode with him and the online girl aired it was the episode when he and Unique were at odds with each other. BUT THE KURT PLOT IS THE BEST
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